Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good morning up and poor Pumpkin

Our poor little Pumpkin went to the vets again yesterday too see the Dr. Over the weekend where they took the staples out it started to get red and raw and looked infected..Dr.think's she might of  had a reaction from the staples? They aren't sure??? then she was suppose to go the vets on Wed to check for a hernia  she had so much swollen after her operation.. So Dr. checked yesterday with ultersound and its all look's good praise God.. So the Dr. gave us some meds to help clear infection up. This picture was taking last night..Didn't mean to get a belly shot thought her dress came down longer than it did..
On my dad he is doing really well walking with a cane now thank you for all the prayers.. He is also driving so he is getting around pretty well..
Well the snow is melting and its been really nice here.. I think I can smell spring in the air.. We will be getting started to build on new shop for the farm for selling soon.. I'm thinking about holding classes for Adult and children once a week.. Looking for ideas if anyone has any would like to have your in put..Well its school vacation week and grandkids are off.. We are going to take our Miss Haley out to lunch today .. she is a senior and will be 18 next month how time flys.. Then the other two boys we will take out for ice cream and our Miss Caden is in daycare poor peanut will miss out.. We will make it up to her ..
I'm trying to keep up on my blog as well as I can.. I have so much to share and have been busy.. I'm making a rag rug now.. A few days ago I made bread and want to show you how I ground my berries to make flour..
Well have to get going and take some time with our Miss Pumpkin hope all my friends and family are well.. God Bless...

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  1. You are a busy little bee! Glad your dad is doing well and that Pumpkin is on the mend. Cute picture of her and I like that little tummy peeking out! How do the kids grow so fast? Blessings!