Thursday, February 20, 2014

Farm updates..

Good Afternoon all.. Hope all my followers are well.. Its been a long time but I never seem to find time to get on the lap top cause I use my tablet. Or I use my phone don't know how to add phone and the tablet I get some what confused on how to post on here.. I need to spend more time..

I do have a group on FB called the good life if anybody would like like to join please let me know . I post recipes and devotion and more.. Try to keep it basic..

Now on the Farm here in Maine we have so much snow lets say our snow banks are six feet tall and we have ice like most.. Ray has been busy snow blowing and myself keeping myself busy as a homemaker..

We have made a decision not to sell produce this year or bake.. I have kept my license in case I change my mind.. But after 14 years of up very early to make in the hot summer go to bed late at night do in over again for four months was getting old and I'm not getting any younger..

Today is a beautiful day of sunshine but we have rain,,snow sleet coming in tomorrow... God is good spring is right around the Conor...

Well might try to get back here sooner than later.. Blessings..

Blessings to all have a great day..

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