Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Weekend -Pictures-Willy Wonka

Good morning to my family and friends we had a good weekend. Saturday the two grandkids was in the Willy Wonka play Miss Haley that is (17) and Jett that is (11) they both did a great job. We went to the last show that was @ 7PM by the time we got home I was so tired... Miss Haley was playing the part of Veruca Salt-she was one of the spoiled children and very sassy.. And our Jett he played one of the (OOPA LOOPAS) he also did a great job..
Then on Sunday we were hoping to make it to church but I was so sore from sitting so long in the play and the long ride home didn't make it. But we had friends come over and ended up with a wii party Sunday night and I made homemade pizza.. Then I went to bed early...

It has been raining for several days now but thats ok the garden is starting to come up. I was hoping to get the pumpkin seeds-zucchini seeds- and cukes in but didn't.. I shouldn't say I Ray has planted the garden for me cause I can't do it.

We couldn't take pictures at the play good thing cause I don't have a camera right now. So the casting crew posted a bunch on facebook and I could get them there.. So I would like to share some with you..
God Bless..
PS Poor Jett only got his picture taken one time.... Great Job Jett and Haley.. Love Grammie
Our Jett on the left.. as the oopa loopa
Our Miss Haley

Our Miss Haley

Our Miss Haley

Our Miss Haley


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. :D I love the pics from the play. That's so neat! It's been raining here too. But it's been amazing for the garden. :)
    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  2. Thank you for the kind comment... Your right it's great for the garden..Thanks Angel for stopping in.. God Bless