Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Vegetable List for the garden

Hello family and friends.. Been very busy today and I will be only posting this today.. Its a list of what we have put in our garden and a few things still need to be put in...
2 pounds of onions
1 pound of red kidney beans
1 oz Boston pickle rs
1 oz of small pie pumpkins
1 oz of jack o la ten pumpkin
1/4 pound of shell beans
1/2 pound yellow was beans
1/2 pound of provider green beans and just bought another 2 pounds today.
4 oz beets for greens
1/2 pound sugar snap peas
1 0z buttercup squash
1 oz zucchini squash
1 oz black seeded Simpson lettuce
one pkg bunching onions
one pkg parsley Italian
1 package sweet basil
3 pkg of pumpkin
1 pkg of butternut squash
1/4 oz dill
1/4  oz Swiss chard lucullus
2 oz spinach
1 0z blooms dale spinach
1 oz Swiss chard rhubarb
2 pkg of gourds
We put in 18 ace pepper plants
6 lemon boy tomatoes
6 Roma tomatoes
12 big boy whooper tomatoes
1 sweet one hundred tomatoes
18 early girl tomatoes
There is a few more can't think right now
flower seeds
3 mix dinner plate dahlias
4 pk gs Marigold french double mix
2 pkg calendula pacific beauty
1 pkg Marigold petite orange
1 pkg marigold petite yellow
4 pk gs sunflower mam mouth Russian
2 pkg bachelor button mix
2 pkg bachelor button blue boy
9 pkg zinnia giants of California
2 pkgs cleome rose queen
2 pkg morning glory heavenly blue
1 pkg pearly gates white morning glory
1 pkg morning glory flying saucers
2 pkg African Daisy mix
2 pkg oriental poppy mix
3 pkg cosmos single sensation mix
4 pkg aster crego mixed
1 pkg sunflower autumn beauty mix
So that is pretty much and then I have my several hanging baskets.. Well I have to go pull weeds now.... Its been a very busy day... Be back tomorrow...
God Bless

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  1. Wow you sure are busy. It is good to see that you are well enough to pull weeds. May God continue to heal you.
    Blessings, Cammy H