Monday, September 19, 2011

up date on the farm

Granola Bread hot from oven today..

 Didn't realize I would be so busy still... Not much time for anything else but canning and taking care of the stand.. Today I made granola bread and I'm making apple butter now.. Always something.. Yesterday I made apple pie filling.. I've canned alot.. Tomorrow I'll be making pickles my second batch..I've made soup starter and sold out and I have one jar of bread and butter pickles left.. My biscuits have been going like crazy..I won't complain cause every little bit I get helps lots.. Most all my jams and jelly have sold not sure if I'll make more.. Thought I would stay open until hunting season not sure yet..

Ray has tilled part of the garden up to put beet greens in.. This will be it for the garden plot..I pulled the tomato plants and green peppers.. We are picking green beans our last planting has just begun.. We have pumpkins and gourds left.. So if you haven't heard from me not enough hours in a day right now.. I'm so behind in letter writing so friends and family be patient I'll get there.. God Bless...

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