Thursday, November 10, 2011

Up dates and More

I'm so far behind in everything sorry my friends... I owe letters to Amanda and Abby have not forgotten about you just alot going on here.. My time has been with health issues or our new puppy pumpkin.. pumkin is 10 weeks old and a hand ful.... I will post lots of pictures of her so look for more pictures....

We got her two weeks ago it's been hard potty training her and with our dog and cat... Our dog dew just bite into here a few hours ago flew her in the air and she came down crying and dew was on her again.. I was like three feet away sweeping the floors.. So I had to get dew off from her and checked her all over she was crying and shaking something awful.... Every day in the last few weeks its been the dog or cat goes after her.. She likes to jump and nip at them she wants to play... But they don't want to play... We got our dog and cat when they were babies and they are well trained....

The dog follows commands and he never was a puppy like her.. he never played with toys and never chewed on anything... The cat we got the same time no problem with him.. So I'll close this out and post pictures of her.....

May you all have a blessed day.. raining hard here in Maine....

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  1. Blessings!

    ABsolutely adorable! Our "puppy" is now 70 lbs of puppy flesh! She thinks she can still crawl in my lap, run around the house (knocking over furniture)...silly thing :) I have always wanted a little lapdog but it seems I'm stuck with these big dopey ones :) She's a sweetie though and we love her :)

    Thank you for sharing your photos of your Pumpkin :)

    God be with thee!
    Sister Lori