Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Pictures... Enjoy

A few pies sitting on the cook stove had a lemon pie and chocolate in fridge..
Pumpkin our baby dark brown 13 weeks old and Dew buff color is 10 years old he is eating a pig ear he took away from Pumpkin..

Pumpkin gets a whole of paper towels as Ray was cleaning the window for me.. I guess she thought she should help.

some of the food laid out... I'm doing something at the hosier...

Ray standing in front of cook stove..

Daughter In-law in white sweater granddaughter in white tights and our friends daughter in the purple.. The girls decided they wanted to have there nails done after we had dinner..

Here is another Picture of us.. In case you have never seen me I'm in lady with the light hair...

Oh she can't make up her mind on what color she wants..

Still doing nails with a few guests in background looking on...

A friend made me this and sent it up with son and daughter In-law for Thanksgiving..

Another quest bought these flowers up to us...
Pumpkin had her picture taken with Santa on Sunday we went to Wal-mart and said or why not ... Lets have her picture taken... I think it was Santa first time picture with a puppy...I would of dressed her up if I new she would of had her picture taken..

Hope you enjoyed the pictures God Bless


  1. Hello. I finally got around to looking at this entry. Great pictures! Looks like a lot of food and a good time for all. Hope all is well. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  2. Looks like a very Happy Day there on Thanksgiving !

  3. Hi Amanda thanks for the comment on the pictures and yes plenty of food and great fellowship afterward.. All is great.. God Bless

  4. Hi my sweet Abby it was a great Thanksgiving.. I can't get on your blog could you please send me a email and send the link ? thanks.. GOd Bless