Thursday, December 29, 2011

MIA--Up Dates

Sorry I haven't been on much been MIA my dad fell and broke his hip in two places and had a rod put in.. I've been crazy busy running back and forth..It's all good I would do anything for my dad.. He is in a Re-Hab right now not liking it.. Its like a nursing home he is the youngest one there..He and we are in hopes he will be home soon....

We had a very nice Christmas with family and friends.. I still lots to take care of but doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day..

At the present time we have no snow and very cold.. It is only 19 out today and very windy with the wind chill its -25.. Cold..The dogs and nobody else likes it..

We built a new play area for pumpkin yesterday and its a place where she can go out and play some with out us worry about fox or coyote or any other animals caring her off...

Well hope all my family and friends are having a good day and I miss all of ya... God Bless


  1. Sorry your dad fell. I too hope he is up and running soon. *smile* Glad you all enjoyed a good Christmas and that Pumpkin has an outside play place. *smile* No snow here eaither. Kind of odd, but more like where we came from, reminds me of "home".*smile* I miss the rain sometimes. *smile* It's what gives the green to everything. *smile* Have a great Friday! Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  2. Hi Sis...I will keep you all and your Father in prayer. Am sure he is ready to get out of that Rehab !!! Please update as you can and let us know how he is.
    Love ...
    Abby in Tx.

  3. Hi Amanda .... Our Christmas was great thank you... And yes pumpkin has quite an area to play.. Good thing no snow bad thing we had a bad ice storm... today..We sure had some rain thought about you... But it turned into quite an ice storm....

  4. Hey Sis back... My dad is climbing the walls.. He can't wait to get out.. I'm in hopes to see him tomorrow.. Well fill in more once I see him.. Did talk to him today we had a bad ice storm today will post pictures ... Miss ya...