Sunday, January 15, 2012

Do You Want To Know God's Will?

If you want to know God's will, spend time with Him.
One of the mysteries of life is the will of God. We desperately want to know what God wants us to do,but we're not really sure how to find out. While it's that we'll never know all of God's will (After all, He's God),we can know a lot of what He wants us to do by spending time with Him.
Think about it on a human level. The more you get to know someone, the more you know what that person is like, and the more you know what that person is like, and the more you know what that person likes. That's what God's will is all about knowing what God is like and knowing what He likes. So you could say that the only way to really know God's will is to really know God. How do you do that? By reading the Bible His personal message to you, and by talking with Him is often as you can.
Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.
PSALM 119:105

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  1. Amen. We must spend time with someone to KNOW them. It's like someone saying they know George Bush Junior...But do they really know him? They may know about him, but not really know him.

    Great, great reminder. My daily time with the Lord is vital! : )