Monday, January 9, 2012

Up Dates

Hello family and friends.. Been still pretty busy keep thinking things will show down but not yet.. Saw my dad in Re-Hab today and he looks good still not moving much thanks for the prayer.. we are still praying he goes to the Dr. on Wednesday hope to hear good news..

Been real busy with orders and I've got more orders  the end of week... week biscuits, jam, bread so busy is good..

Still no much snow we are suppose to have some snow coming in on Thursday.. It has been really warm weather for Maine.. Not much snow we have been getting rain and freezing rain..

Our puppy pumpkin is really growing she went to the vets a few days ago and she weighs 8.6 that's my girl... Her and dew are getting along better since she now has two playpens.. She still isn't potty trained and won't bark or anything when she has to go.. So I'm busy taking her out all the time as well..

I'm playing with a sourdough starter and will post pictures of it .. I'm in hopes to start making sourdough bread and more.. Tonight I made rosemary bread that I will post now.. So good night .. God Bless...

Rosemary Bread .... The rosemary I cut from my house plants.. how fresh is that..


  1. The bread looks wonderful. Our rosemary is dead. lol. I got some from the Farmer's Market and have been using it. Have a blessed day. "Isabella"

  2. Thought you for your kind comment... Did you bring your rosemary in ?? It's so nice to have a Farm's Market.. I used to take produce to one... Hope you have a blessed night... God Bless