Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy ~ Busy ~ Busy

 I have been so darn busy for the past few days didn't have time to do any posting.. Now that we have the farm stand open that kicks things up a notch. I start very early and get to bed some what early.. Yesterday was biscuits it was the first week that I started that. It went OK it will get better as produce gets ready.. We will have spinach and lettuce to pick tomorrow hope it sells.

I've been doing a lot of baking making elephant ears,chunky choc chip cookie dough cookies, sugar cookies ,whoopie pies for the stand..
I've been sewing hand towels and sewing toppers for them making scrubbies and I have aprons and pot holders and burp clothes..I will be adding bonnets for little ones.. As my kind friend Amanda has shared her pattern with me.

Ray has been helping out lots in the garden and doing things I still can't. My ankle is coming along it has been swelling more than i wish it would. So I do have to time time out to ice and put it up for a while each day..

May you all have a nice day with family and friends and its time for me to put in four new plants in the back yard before it starts to rain again...
God Bless


  1. Awww... I saw your comment on Carmen's blog and I wanted to come and meet you, and so glad I did. I also like glh.

    What a sweet, sweet blog! Our family moved to acreage recently after ten years away from it, so glad I'm back to the country! I am looking forward to seeing and learning things from you.

    Bless you! ~Amelia

  2. Hello Amelia glad you stopped by and liked my blog..Hope you will come back I try to post something every day... And once I learn how to do a youtube I will be posting on flowers, herbs and vegetables.. Thank you for your kind comment.. God Bless