Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy Day

Hello family and friends ... It has been a busy day.. Start early with Dr. appointment it went OK.. Then on the way out there was a terrible thunder storm with ending of hail.. Drove home then had to drive back up to hospital for test then back home.. Got home swept floors cleaned two bathrooms did laundry two loads put them in the dryer because we are suppose to have heavy rain and thunderstorms this afternoon.. Taking a small break now it time to pull more weeds take a cover up down and put it back up (10x20) near the house and start getting some shelves built inside for produce and bake goods.. So this is a quick up date from the farm..
God Bless..

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  1. Oooee, you sure are hopin'. *smile* I didn't make the laundry soap this time, my beloved got the color free earth friendly kind from Cost-Co this time. Though I made some quite some time ago now, and put the recipie on the side of two containers and will use that recipie. I don't remember where I got it, sorry. *smile* I quit using it and just didn't get back to it yet, due to color die in the soap from Wal-Mart by Arm & Hammer I will not be using that any longer. The wash worked well enough though. I hope your stand goes well. I have been talking to my husband about seeing one up, we have taken no steps to doing that but with the traffic to our neighbors place I think a stand would do well. *smile* What do you do with the things people don't buy? How do you know what to make? How do you know what to charge? Just a few questions. *smile* Well, have a great day and make sure to not over do things. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more! OH...fresh applesauce (cheep apples from a friend) and pumpkin pie today. *smile* Bread yesterday. *smile* Sincerely, Me *big smile*