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How to Make a Diaper Cake:{Free Tutorials&Directions

How to Make a Diaper Cake: {Free Tutorials & Directions}

How cute are these.. Something nice to keep in file so if you need one..
Diaper cakes (or nappy cakes) are given at baby showers to display as a centerpiece and are made with a few tiers of rolled diapers. They are decorated with pretty ribbons, topped with toys and can be filled with lots of baby goodies such as a bottle of baby powder, baby bottles, washcloths, baby socks and much more. They make quite an impressive display but they’re also a lovely, practical gift for the lucky new mom…and the good news is they’re super easy to make too!
Here’s an updated list of tutorials that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net, the first group is made mainly with stacked diapers and then you’ll find my favorite at the bottom (it’s loaded with goodies like washcloths, baby supplies and toys), this one offers both written instructions and a video tutorial. Have fun!

Diaper Cakes To Make

Diaper Cake Tutorial By
Diaper Cake Tutorial By
Diaper Cake Tutorial: This is made with a large mailing tube, cardboard, butcher paper or wrapping paper, doilies, rubber hair bands and more.
Make A Diaper Cake: Made by arranging about 75 diapers around a bottle of baby powder and a baby bottle, sits on a cardboard cake base. Part 2 for the decorating instructions are on this page.
Make A Diaper Cake By
Make A Diaper Cake By
Diaper Cake Instructions By
Diaper Cake Instructions By
Diaper Cake Instructions: This one’s decorated with lots of grosgrain ribbon, bows, paper shreds and topped with baby toys or supplies.
Diaper Cake Tutorial: Made with lots of rolled Pampers arranged around a paper towel tube, secured in place with ribbon then filled with lots of baby goodies.
Diaper Cake Tutorial By
Diaper Cake Tutorial By

Deluxe Diaper Cake Tutorial

This one’s loaded! It’s filled with nappies, wrapped with a baby blanket and baby shawl and all kinds of goodies tucked in such as a bib, baby washcloths, baby socks, pacifier, bottle, teether, and lots more. Find the instructions here: Diaper Cake / Nappy Cake / Baby Cake (site may take a few seconds to fully load) or watch the step-by-step video below (9 minutes in length).

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