Friday, April 29, 2011

What I did today...

Well hello my family and friends.. Thought I would share my day with you.. I'm pooped out in my recliner now.. What a day.. I got in somewhat early got ready for the day.. Started off with devotion time then got a recipe to post on here..

Decided I was hungry so made some toast..Did some reading and exercise for my ankle and then put some ice on it.. I decided to go out to greenhouse and look at a few things and do some watering.. Then I said what can I do next I hopped to my garden bed picked weeds until I thought I had done enough didn't want to over do it.Than I did a load of laundry and hung it out in the 70's today.. Then I still couldn't sit still so I walked down to get the mail and in case I haven't mentioned it our driveway is 5oo ft one way..Was a little tired once I got there looked around and said branches under  the apple tree need to be picked up so I did that ..Then started to pick rocks off the lawn from the snowplow.. Then I said need to head back to the house got to the house had a small rest in chair outside.. I decided to coil up some electrical cords from the holidays so I did that.. So I still couldn't sit still have some Christmas lights still around some windows outside so I went to garage to get the pole to get them down.. After that was done.. I said OK what now??

I went out back and took clothes off the line and still couldn't sit still.. Came out front the Rooster was trying to get in the dog bed on the steps so I had the pole from the Christmas lights grabbed that and hollowed at the rooster he wouldn't move so I went after him and didn't watch what I was doing caught my good foot in a rope that is hooked on steps for the dog at night.. I went right out straight shoe flew off and here I have a air cast on the other foot I just wanted to cry.. Still had the pole in hand some how through it all I cut inside of my leg with pole and scraped my knees and elbow and hurt my neck...Praise God I didn't hurt foot but I'm sore.. I'm in recliner for a bit now before I have to make supper.. Think I'm done for the day...

God Bless


  1. You crazy ape. *smile* You should have sat down before you hurt yourself. *giggle* Sorry you are hurt but glad you are finally resting your poor body. *smile* Have a lovely evening and be sure to clean your cuts and such. *smile* Sincerley, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  2. Hello my friend.. You know I have a hard time sitting down.. I'm some what resting now... Yes I've cleaned myself up..
    I've only got about two weeks left on the air cast.. If all goes well it will come off then.. I pray I stay healthy ... God Bless...

  3. Ohhhhh TEE HEEE
    Sounds like days I have in the plenty!!!
    (It is always humbeling though) Tee hee,
    Praise God the "boo boo foot" still lives!!!
    Hugs and Blessings Linnie

  4. Thanks Linnie for stopping bye...... the foot stays alive and air cast comes off in two weeks I hope... God Bless