Friday, April 22, 2011

Up date on myself and what will happen here... smile

Some have sent emails asking how I'm doing so I thought I would do an update.. things are going very well. I have four more weeks on the walking cast and they will x-ray ankle and go from there.. I now have a wheel chair where I can get around better..

I've been on a few rides gone into a few stores and today I have an outside walker with big wheels I went down and got our mail and its a 500 foot driveway one way so I was happy to make it down and back.. Pooped but I did it.. I've been helping out around the house some and even hung my first load of clothes outside today very windy should dry well.

 Have no idea what happen to the writ ting here.. I will all so be posting recipes from a Depression Era recipe book every day until completed I hope it was written by Patricia R. Wagner..

Well the dog wants to go and need to do a few things I'll be back to post the devotion for today... Blessings..


  1. Take it easy allow yourself to heal properly girl. I know how much you like to be up an going, but heal properly so you can enjoy when you do get up and running again. *smile* Blessings, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  2. You got it Amanda I love to be going.. I'm getting there and I will take it easy cause I do want things to heal its been a long road... Thanks for stopping by..Be Blessed

  3. Blessings Sister Brenda!
    Sounds like you are doing some good healing there:)
    I have a question about the picture at the top...I love it! Is that yours? Or is it a picture you found...either way I'm showing it to my Mr and asking him if we could manage to build such a's terrific!

    God be with thee!
    Sister Lori

  4. I'm healing well except one side of heel not healing but over all I'm doing great..
    Yes the picture is mine I bought it at a auction in PA . My friend Katie and I Ray went we had our new VW bug and we filled it to the brim .. If you would like more pictures I will be happy to show you just let me know where to send them or I'll post here...
    Do you think brother Craig could make one? The seats fold up and the table drops down.. When its all folded is so cute.. I was just showing it off there....
    Have a great weekend be blessed..

  5. I absolutely adore It! Brother Craig says he really likes it and wants to build one for added diningroom seating: ) I really enjoyed your pictures on the group. I would love to see more.