Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amish In Maine

WLBZ, the NBC affiliate in Bangor, Maine offered a fascinating story about an Amish settlement that I was completely unfamiliar with (i don't know where EVERY Amish settlement is!Smile)  The Amish have gained a small foothold in Maine during the past decade.  The communities I was aware of are in Unity and the oldest Amish settlement in the state at Smyrna.  There is also a "plain fellowship" around Corinna.  This featured Amish settlement is at Fort Fairfield which is waaaaaaay up near the border with New Brunswick. Amish churches that are so isolated (only 10 families call this area home) often don't last unless they attract others which may be difficult in such a cold climate.  I think the video is very interesting because it sounds like this is a very conservative settlement.  The statements made in the video about the Amish in this community generally not having checking accounts and Amish girls changing their "kapp" color at age 15 are customs not true in every settlement.
Click here to watch the video.  Some of it is kind of hokey and Maine folksy, but it is generally quite good

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