Monday, March 14, 2011

Head covering poem

I'm cleaning out some folders and found this thought its cute.. Enjoy..
Head Covering Poem

I have a head covering in public I wear.
I am the one who put it there.
I heard in my heart a voice.
It was then I made my choice.
Some asked who forced this on me.
I tell them it is no one did,
I chose it freely.
I do it in my respect to God.
But you wouldn't know the path I trod.
They may have never experienced his love.
Nor been saved by a blessing from above.
People see how I am dressed and at times they stare.
But so be it,
You know I don't care.
I gave my life to him.
The love and light in my heart shall never dim.
So let them talk and do as they will.
It is for him these things I fulfill.
For it is in my life that I shall spend
Loving my Lord until the end.

Well I better go and get the last load of lundry in.

Blessings to my family and friends..

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  1. Hi There sister Brenda! :D It is so wonderful to be here reading your blog! I'm happy to have you at mine as well! ;D I love your poem! It is so lovely, and truly is how I feel! :)
    I am so blessed to have such wonderful sisters in Christ to lean on for support and friendship, and I am so happy to be able to *talk* with you! :D--S